Thursday, July 23, 2015

TehNACHO's Random Deck Building Challenge

1. Pick a clan of preference
2. Randomly select 3 cards (I use RANDOM.ORG's list randomizer, using the first 3 items the list generates)
3. You MUST include those 3 cards in as many copies as possible in the deck
Make a viable deck out of it

So I thought this would be a relatively fun challenge to get me motivated about deck building in Vanguard. I'll mostly be using this as a way to talk about how to build decks, not necessarily on analyzing the individual strengths of cards but more about finding patterns to make cards work together well. It dodges the problem I had with my previous deck articles (I have to update them constantly) while at the same time giving (what I'll hope to be) valuable deck building knowledge, and a much more generalized view on creating patterns in this game.

Have fun with this, and try out these extra little challenges:
1. Don't restrict your deck to just one clan, depending on how you arrange things.
2. Add more cards that you MUST add to the deck.

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