Thursday, December 12, 2013

Game Design

Possibly Outdated

Go ahead and read if you like, many individual things in here should still be relevant.

That said though, please don't tell me if something's straight up wrong or really old. I already know.


Universal Grading Scale

If only Bushiroad can design a balanced game...

But they can't, so I made guidelines to rescale Vanguard's units to the same cost per output ratio. Ultimately, this should be the basis for game design in Vanguard, and may be grounds for an errata'd format.

Link Joker 'invalidates' Megacolony, on top of the fact that Kagero is strictly better from a mechanical perspective. Where could Megacolony possibly go in order to maintain an identity, and not be completely overrun by these stronger clans?

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  1. Well, the new cylomaniac (or whatever his name is) breakride stops ur opponents vanguard from standing... That's a pretty powerful identity if they continue to do this