Sunday, November 4, 2012

Strategies Section

Possibly Outdated

Go ahead and read if you like, many individual things in here should still be relevant.

That said though, please don't tell me if something's straight up wrong or really old. I already know.


Perfect Memory: If only you remembered that they had that in their hand.

Perfect Memory is practice, and ability to remember all of the more important details of a match, and through opportunities like Drive Check mechanic, it's very much possible. Snipe down rearguards you know the opponent can't replace. Push hard when they have no chance to guard. Know ahead of time your opponent's moves before they do. All in practice, all for victory.

How many Perfect Guards should you run?: <Hint> The correct answer is 4

Going in depth to justify the use of Perfect Guards, and why you should maximize the amount you can run.

Abusing Guard: The methods of Early Guarding and Pressure Units

The most optimal form of guarding is to simply guard all of the cheaper attacks that come your way, but what if you can abuse that?

Field Scalability: How to build your field.

In Vanguard, all your decisions can make a lasting impression on the outcome of the game, and how you build your field is no exception. What should you aim for, and what should you consider?

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