Sunday, June 9, 2013

Short Little Update and Announcement

Haha, I'm going to be so confused when I see the blog like this in the morning.

Basically put, I'm putting up a new look. The random airplane wing over at the side bugged me. Along with this, the Clan Analysis tab has been removed. While it may take longer this way, the new approach I've been thinking of lately for the math and card reviews section in conjunction to explanations of how cards work together in the deck breakdowns renders the Clan Analysis near obsolete. Unless I'm asked specifically otherwise about it, no more. I've also added a little tool over here to highlight the most read articles on my blog, which I honestly think is a little haphazard considering that's just another way for more people to read those posts and never let other posts get a chance. Ahh well, interesting that Blade Wing Reiji is apparently so high though.

Ahh, and the articles I'm going at now. Well, school's over and my post school anime marathon just passed, which basically means that unless a certain something happens over at Vmundi, I've got nothing to do, basically meaning I can actually get to my articles and actually work on them at a regular pace. Just so long as I don't get distracted into something else again, lots and lots of time to actually get stuff together.

Let's go~

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