Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Changed How Comments Work

As the title says.

Long story short, I have good news depending on who you are and I have bad news depending on how you comment.

The sorta good news is I opened up the blog's comments section to everyone meaning you no longer have to be registered to actually comment. All you have to do is change the comment setting just below where you type in your comment to either anonymous if you want to remain anonymous, or Name/URL if you want me to recognize you but still don't want to register.

To counter this however, I made it so I get to moderate comments before they come online. Due to some rather...interesting...arguments from two posters, kaifeiyu and Bryan King, it's been made very obvious to me that whether or not they like it, some people are just not fit for logical debates. Along with keeping anonymous spam that enters the blog at a minimal, if you prove to be an illiterate screwball or just fail at logic 101, I'll just remember to delete your comments or just keep them in purgatory forever. Of course, this is only bad news if you want to make your voice as loud and obvious and as wide spread as possible and thus probably aren't worth my time anyway, or if I mistake your anonymous/unregistered form for someone's post who I put on the deleted list and assume that he/she is just coming back for a vengeance. I assure you though, especially considering that if you are trying to talk to me directly or ask questions that I'm only going to see comments about the time I'd be moderating anyway, that if you really want to say something worthwhile or just want to post your own thoughts, not much will really change much at all.

Anywho, to test this little update, can anyone who isn't registered to google or etc. comment below? Sign in as anonymous or Name/URL or so on, just help me check that it all works.