Friday, August 16, 2013

What do you guys think of me?

Alright, I opened up the comments to better allow stuff like this, so let's just get this over with.

As the title asks, who do I, or what does this blog appear to you? Have I been a good image for you? Have you been able to learn more about the game, directly or indirectly, as a result of my articles? Are there things I can improve on in my areas of blogging? What do I already do well? Please, comment below on how you view me and/or this blog, as I'd honestly like to know where I stand in the eyes of others. Just, if you're going to point out a flaw or downfall, please remember to make it constructive.

And so we're clear on this, let's set 2 rules.

1. As I've found, any discussion generally over or towards me eventually will lead to Vmundi, so you know what, I'm giving you guys the green light on that. If you want to talk about Vmundi or the community over there or Alice to draw parallels or cite my actions there, go ahead. Just please, remember to actually be constructive about it. It seems like even the mention of them far too easily starts fights and I'd really like to avoid that if possible.

2. I know how slow I am at writing articles and well...yeah that's not gonna change anytime soon. Don't mention it.

And so, I turn off the moderation option. Hopefully no spam comes through...


  1. In "The Problem With the Restriction List," there isn't any "frequency" for determining of how many copies of card you can get. Maybe you knew, but that kind of information isn't real and can give wrong insight to readers. Try to reedit that.

  2. I used to be on Vmundi quite a lot, but I moved away from the card game this summer in favor of focusing more on magic again. I just severely dislike the crossride meta and Bushiroad's tournament ruleset. I'm edging my way back into the game, albeit I'm playing casually.

    Your articles are good, and I enjoy reading them. That's all that really needs to be said.

  3. Honestly, despite you being a tad hostile at times, I mean everywhere by that, you are far less narcissistic than Alice, coming across more clinical and approachable.

    Your maths pages are extremely good as a resource tool as well. I haven't read too much of your blog, only what appeals and applies to me, but it's quality.

    I also believe your acceptance of reality, Xrides do exist, and your knowledge of how the game works on the most finite of levels, numbers, makes me kinda wish you had the time to do all the 'Deep Clans', especially as of the metagame we are entering where 13 is starting to mean jack and shit, and jack left town.

  4. As someone who is also a part of Vmundi I'll just mention that I find your articles to be quite informative, your math seems to be accurate and you offer explanations so that it's not just a wall of numbers. The only thing I dislike about this blog is the harsh white background on my eye's, but there may be a layout options menu where I can change that, so keep up the good work.

    1. ( o 3 o)

      There seems to be many different opinions between black backgrounds and white backgrounds~

  5. I enjoy your blog, there's plenty of useful information and numbers galore. It's nice that there are facts backing the statements, which is something I find under-appreciated in most CFV communities. It isn't just 'Reijy is great 'cause 3 crit.'
    If I had any observations/advice (and that's a stretch): the writing skews a player into thinking Cardfight is a long and drawn-out game. Magic the Gathering this isn't. Fact is, a lot of decks stabilize their board on T3-4, and games can end just as quickly. But really, the people reading this are current players of the game, so I don't see any pressing reason to change that. Maybe if you dedicate a section to newer players that would be something to keep in mind.


    -A Fan