Friday, March 14, 2014

Another Update

To start off, I swear, I've been working. Great Daiyusha vs. Reverse Daiyusha is like 3 requests in one though so it literally takes (over) 3 times as long to write. Sorry if I seemed dead, just letting my OCD slow this painfully long process to a crawl. 

Once that's out of the way though, the new beginner videos I said I would start in the last update need a skeleton. I can come up with a few topics on my own but really, it would make the process a lot easier if I can get ideas from others.

Finally, if you want to see me working on a much more consistent basis, check this thread out. The basis of it is it's a request thread for math specific aspects of Vanguard for the Vanguard mathematicians (which mostly just consists of me and Timmy Power Gainer on Pojo) to calculate and answer. Since probability is MUCH easier for me to do in a single session, if you have any math related questions, I suggest you channel them here.

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