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Leading the Pack: Dimensional Police

So I got this request some time before in my Leading the Pack: Kagero blogpost. Well, now that BT08 is all but confirmed, I think it's about time I get to this.

Dimension Police are best known for their mechas and powerful Vanguards, and as such, the clan focuses on having the strongest Vanguard of them all. But, exactly which one is the strongest? Which is the most consistent? Which one looks the coolest if you show off? All things you must consider while picking out your boss.

Just as the last Leading the Pack post, Control F if you're searching for opinions a specific card.

BT08-021 R.jpg
Does this look tilted to you?
Introducing, Enigman Cyclone. Cyclone here has the skill where if it attacks with atleast 14000 power (before boosting, by the way) and the attack hits, you can retire 1 Rearguard unit on your opponent's field.

Past Yugioh players may very much enjoy this card, as every time it powers up, it's a near guaranteed plus. Against 11-13K Vanguards, a stage of shield is broken when you power up, so if the opponent does guard, they have to use more to guard it. If they choose not to, you retire one of their units from it. Win win, right?

Well, this card isn't exactly all win win.This card has absolutely no direct support and doesn't support the deck. It's just sort of...there. He's not game changing either, which for what should be a powerful and devastating skill, is kinda sad. Overall, his skill is cool, but his usefulness only will go so far.

Enigman Rain
Enigman Rain's skill is when it attacks at 12000 power (before boosting), it can stand a unit on hit.

Okay, honestly, I'd say this supersedes Cyclone in many ways. First of all is the obviously less strict requirements. Only needing 2K for its skill is much less demanding than 4K, and eases up on deck choices. This skill also combos amazingly with another Grade 3, Miracle Beauty.

Miracle Beauty restands the unit behind it when it stands during the Battle Phase. And guess what Vanguard has the ability to activate it. Overall, this combo alone is amazing to see pulled off. Go crazy and throw in a Dancing Wolf into your deck, and just hammer down everyone with your assault.

So, why does this card supersede Cyclone? Let's think for a moment. What are the 3 ways to retire a unit?

-Calling over a unit
-Destroyed in battle

So Cyclone can auto-kill things with its skill, and Rain will allow your rearguards to take them out in battle. Also, if Rain makes the opponent spend more defending their unit than to just have replaced it, that's immediate gain. So either way, killing front row rearguards, Rain does the job better, while also still leaving the option to actually pressure the opponent's Vanguard. The one thing it can't do though, is hit boosters, more importantly, 9-10K boosters behind the Vanguard.

It's not the best card ever, I'll say it now, but it's definitely a cool choice and promotes good deck building. I say to at least check it out.

Enigman Storm
Storm here is the boss of an Amber Dragon style ride chain, that is, if you ride the Grade 1 over the Grade 0 of the chain, you can automatically search the grade 2, and Storm gains +1000 power while the Grade 2 is in your Soul. Storm's skill, is that when you attack with it while it has atleast 15000 power (before boosting), it gains +1 Critical.

This card falls to some consistency issues, sadly. First of all, we already know to get the full chain+benefits, that's only 2/5 of your games, and well, that's sorta...

Then there's another issue, the only reliable way of getting that sort of power is through Cosmo Beak and Cosmo Great, who both can only power up the Vanguard by 4000. So why is this an issue? In order to get Storm's skill, you need to power up to 15000, which is 5000 power away if you don't have the Grade 2 in your soul. That means each time you can't get the Grade 2 in, you lose play value on both Cosmos. Builds with 3 of the Grade 2 will only have a 22.5% chance of failure, and builds with only 1 of the Grade 2 has a 35.6% chance of failure. Still works in best 2/3 matches, but due to how Bushiroad runs events, and unlike X4 Azure Dragon where` you can't manipulate things to your favor, it just sort of falls short.

Still though, this card has some merits over the other bosses of this game. One notable thing is how you get an extra 12K attacker with 10K defense with this chain, improving your overall offensive capabilities. Another thing is how this deck pairs well with Commander Laurel. Numbers certainly aren't a problem for Laurel in this deck, 9 times out of 10. So even without a power bump, Storm's attack is still threatening as all hell.

Also, his grade 2, Wave, has his own skill to boot. With 9K base, and an extra +1000 power if you have the Grade 2 in the Soul, 

This card also has the second best defensive factor of the whole clan, obviously falling short to Daiyusha and *just barely* surpassing Zeal in 11K consistency. And, as anyone should know from the rise of 12K attackers, 11K defense can and will make all the difference in this game.

The Zeal Series

Zeal's ride chain is one akin to Spectral Duke Dragon. Upon a successful Grade 1 ride, you may check the top 7 cards of your deck for the Grade 2 or 3. When you ride the Grade 2 and 3 in successful succession to the Grade 1, you may drain -3000 power from your opponent's Vanguard. Finally, to top it all off, Zeal has a deadly Limit Break skill, which for the cost of 2 Counterblasts, will decrease the opposing Vanguard's power down by your number of rearguardsX1000 (basically, -4000/-5000 power.)

Alright, let's start on the chain. Approximately around 1/3 of your matches will lead into an amazing early game. Seriously.

Okay, many people seem to be under the notion there is no need to guard in the early game, which is kinda dumb. Not only this, but the exact same notion is used to fuel another totally misguided thought process. That power does not matter in the early game. Holy crud this is way off. I'll come back to this point later in a later article, to better explain why power makes that much of a difference in the early game, but I'll tell you now, you cannot be more wrong about power not making a difference. Basically, this guy loads up easy early game pummeling and just flat out taking advantage of the opponent's 3K to 7K Vanguards. This is very useful for many reasons. That extra 8K Vanilla that you drew into, but wouldn't normally hit a 10K Vanguard now has a very clear shot at atleast forcing out another 5K guard the opponent normally wouldn't ever have done otherwise. The opponent that was planning to block your 15K Rearguard for 5K shield now has to deal with paying 10K if they want to block it after you drop their Vanguard's power to say, 8K. This chain just opens up many early opportunities which can and will decide a match in your favor.

Now, on to the boss guy. Galactic Beast, Zeal has your average 10K base, 11K if you have the Grade 2 in your soul. The amazing thing about him though, is his Limit Break.

Anyone remember Soul Saver Dragon? You probably remember it suddenly appearing, raining down terror, most likely finishing the match off just like that.

Well, guess how strong Soul Saver's Anti-Thesis is, driving each column up by one stage of shield. Congratulations, you are now beating down your opponent, probably forcing atleast 15-20K shield per column. And, be allowed to do this twice. Welcome to Zeal. Easily, one of the absolute best finishers in this game within a closed circuit that's just absolutely amazing at just beating down.

Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha.jpg
Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha
Yes, I had to type it again, despite being english. Ctrl+F people need something to hit.

Anywho, Daiyusha's skill is...exactly the same as Storm's.

Okay, not exactly the same, there are some notable changes. First of all, it doesn't have the conditional power bump. Static 10K, forever. The second is that it only needs 14000 power (before boosting) in order to gain its Critical. This means that, where Storm fails from not having a grade 2 in the soul, Daiyusha is still pumping out Crits and otherwise threatening the opponent.

Daiyusha here also falls under much more support. Specifically, Dimensional Robo, Dailander.

When Dailander is called out, you may Counterblast 1 to give one Dimensional Robo +4000 power. Combine this with Cosmo Beak and you have a pretty steady stream of high powered, 2 crit Vanguard attacks.

If you ever come to deciding between Storm and Daiyusha, it's really a matter of what you want more. Possible 11K defense, and pretty good synergy with Laurel, or blasting away with 2 crits at a relatively higher rate and, GIANT ROBOTS.

Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daiyusha
And now, the allstar. Give it up for our Cross-Ride, Great Daiyusha!

Daiyusha is, upfront, the strongest of the Dimensional Robos. Sporting a static 11K base, it already surpasses every other boss in the deck defensively. What's more, is that when its previous form, Daiyusha, is in its soul, it gains another 2000 power. 13K defense, 13K offense, this already trumps many cards out, and dances around 20K/21K rearguard columns the opponent is used to using against other Vanguards. Isn't that nice? He also sports a powerful Limit Break. When there are atleast 3 Dimensional Robos in his soul, he gains another 2000 power and another critical. Meaning that without assistance, he more than exceeds Storm and regular Daiyusha in offensive. Raw stats alone, he is king.

Okay, I'm going to have to point out flaws before I start sugarcoating him more.

The first thing to note is that a build totally dedicated on him is beyond cramped on space. There is close to no wiggle room with this guy. While this may mean in a mirror match, it will really ride on skill and luck to decide who wins, it cuts down on possible tech choices.

Another thing to consider is consistency. The very first thing to note is that Cross-Rides have approximately a ~68% chance of attaining their 13K defense. Still great right? Most likely pulling it off in best 2/3 matches and just running over people. Well, while his Cross-Ride consistency isn't a problem, his Limit Break consistency sure is. Without any outside 'interference', the only possible way to load up 3 soul Dimensional Robos is through riding up 3 Dimensional Robos consecutively. Nice. Luckily, 2 Dimensional Robos exist per grade, meaning up to 8 per grade. I don't want a repeat of the Ride Chain post, so take my word for this, but if we rode a Grade 1 Dimensional Robo, Grade 2, and any of the 8 Grade 3s, we come out to ~63% of any matches preparing the soul for Daiyusha's Limit Break. Consecutively riding, you can have about ~47% of your matches having the perfect soul of 3 Dimensional Robos, with Daiyusha as one of them. So, while his skill is eye candy, don't be fooled. You won't have it nearly as much as you would want.

Finally, Daiyusha's +1 critical comes at the most awkward time. By the time your Limit Break is activated, the opponent is probably too at 4-5 damage, a time they already would've guarded out Daiyusha otherwise. While you may steal any no-guard opportunities at 4 damage, maybe even seal a 6th damage Heal Trigger, it means that on paper, it literally made no difference.

This card does have many, many redeeming qualities. First of all, as already covered, it has beyond superior defensive capabilities. Even without Daiyusha, it still far outperforms every other boss unit with its static 11K base. Meaning you have a 2/3 chance of a successful Cross-Ride and to take the best defense to the next level. 13K defense also forces the opponent to stretch their resources for the new demand on 18K and 23K columns, the latter of which rearguards almost always have a hard time hitting. Literally, this is the best defensive card in the entire clan.

Its offensive capabilities also exceeds the others (maybe not Zeal, but Zeal's skill is awesome) while facing Cross-Rides.While almost all Vanguards in Dimension Police shouldn't have much trouble to break 20K with Glory Maker, most of them can't hit 23K without extra boosts. However, with your trusty 8K Vanilla, and Daiyusha's basically 15K attacks, 23K is very much easy to access.

Also, he doesn't come as just a lone set. Introducing, Dimensional Robo, Goyuusha. Goyuusha can Superior Ride into a Dimensional Robo if you have a Grade 2 Dimensional Robo Vanguard, and after sending 4 Dimensional Robos into your soul (this includes itself). This means a possibly 13K defense a turn ahead of time, and leaving you almost completely untouched by any columns the opponent is still developing. This skill also loads up the skills of 2 more contenders.

Meet, Daibattles and Daimariner. Mechas 2 and 4 share the skill, send this card from the soul to the drop zone to power up one Dimensional Robo by 3000 until the end of the turn. While these card's skills aren't especially useful to a Daiyusha trying to Limit Break, Goyuusha more then gives the units the opportunities to use their skills, breaking magic numbers and just forcing attacks through, while loading up the soul to not lose Limit Break.

So, I hope I've showed my knowledge on these guys. Have fun out there, DP players.

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