Friday, September 21, 2012

What?! 4 Grade 3?:Deck Run Through

Grade 0

Beast Deity, White Tiger
X4 Battleraizer
X3 Red Card Dealer
X4 The Gong
X1 Three Minutes

Grade 1
X4 Beast Deity, Scarlet Bird
X4 Screamin' and Dancin' Announcer, Shout
X4 Tough Boy
X4 Twin Blader

Grade 2
X4 Beast Deity, Black Tortoise
X1 Brutal Jack
X4 Magician Girl, Kirara
X4 Marvelous Hani

Grade 3
X4 Beast Deity, Azure Dragon

Saw this on Pojo and felt like trying it out :3

I'm tilted!
Grade 0

Relatively standard line-up I suppose. X4 Battleraizer and X3 Red Card Dealer for artwork preferences. 4 The Gong and only 1 Three Minutes because honestly, the mini-gun wielding mecha is a billion times cooler than sweaty half-naked guy in spandex.

There's also White Tiger, for obvious reasons.

Why do you hate me?

Grade 1


And it is. However, 4 is necessary for this deck to even work, so it's just going to have to stay. Rest is pretty standard stuff (not the amounts, due to there being so much more space to work with).

I'm actually useful!
Grade 2

Black Tortoise is the more acceptable between itself and Scarlet Bird. One thing you may want to note is exactly how many units have on-hit skills here.

This isn't even an image of a card!

Grade 3

OMG ONLY 4 GRADE 3 (!)&$#!@)(&#$!#%$!@$#@

How the deck works

Spam on hit skills!

Remember me?
The deck works on the same philosophy as on-hit Neo Nectars. Use so many on-hit skills with awesome skills that your opponent can't possibly hope to guard everything, and reap the benefits from it.

Okay, let's go step by step for those of you who were just about to type 'but my Viviane has an on-hit skill but always gets guarded!' Let's think, why did your on-hit skill (Viviane) get guarded? Because it's not that hard for the opponent to guard 1 attack. But what if you had 2? Do you really expect the opponent to drop 20-25K a turn just to stop skills from going off? Yes? Wow you're insistent. But how about 3. There's close to no realistic way to justify dropping 30-40K guard each turn just to stop on-hit skills. Now do you get it? Something has to get through, and when they do, you could just gain so much.

*All percentages are rounded for simplicity. Every calculation is made on the ~exact decimal, so trying to multiply the approximations can and will be off.*

Okay, sugarcoating over, let's get down to the bare facts. Any 4 Grade 3 alone has approximately 67.5% of getting into your hand by the Grade 3 ride, so without any searching, this deck will already prove at least decently well in best 2/3 matches. So, while 4 Grade 3 is arguably still insane, it's justifiable, and will be able to work..

However, this deck does have searching. Each time Scarlet Bird and Black Tortoise hits the opponent's Vanguard, they can check the top 5 cards of the deck for an Azure, and add it to the hand. Sounds familiar right? A grade 1 search going second lands around 41% of success. A search on grade 2 has about 43% of success. With the already 67.5% of success, the deck can shoot to around over 81% of success. Great right? Only a fifth of your games going down the drain, and quite a bit of security in 2/3 matches always works out.

Said search engine has actually, and easily, gotten me multiples of Azure Dragon in testing, something that probably wouldn't have happened otherwise if the deck wasn't loaded with on-hit skills. So how does that help? A LOT. Your inflated G1 and G2 count can easily fill up your field in the early game (something Hani will marvelously thank you for, by the way) so there's generally not as much demand to call Azures. That Persona Blast of yours is now actually useful. Restanding Kirara and the booster behind it just to reap the benefits of battling is amazing.

Overall, very fun deck that's easily way more consistent than it really should be. When things go your way, which with proper work will happen, everything just works out so well.

*Gets ready for posts about how this deck is too inconsistent from people who don't bother with justifications*


  1. Heh heh, I had my doubts about that build when kitsune put it up. it's surprisingly good.

  2. >Finds out images didn't get through

    Well, off to fix stuff.

  3. Really fun build, I tried it with 6 crit and 6 stand and the rest was pretty much what you had. Rarely got grade stuck and if I did I usually will be riding Hani to force them to guard or give myself pluses =)