Saturday, March 9, 2013

Vanguard and Misplaying: Kourin [ep. 23]

Wait, isn't this like the first time we see PSY Qualia in action?

And this PSY Qualia driven match was only won through a misplay?

That's it. PSY Qualia induces misplays. It's canon gais.

-Warning, it's the dub-

[I...actually didn't pay much attention to Ren's hand. I think he used it all up and the only cards left were the two he drive checked. Don't quote me on this, though.]

Alrighty, so I finally get around to making another video on misplaying, and today's guest will be Kourin-chan~

So basically, Ren's forces rack up into this:


15K                              16K                              20K

And Kourin's defenses rack up to a 5K intercept, a 10K Nike she drive checked the turn just before. Soon after the match, she slams down her hands in rage or disappointment or both revealing a Cocoa and another Flores. To sum up, 2 5K shields and a 10K for a total of 20K shield.

I think you all get it from watching the video. In an attempt to salvage extra cards from a damage trigger, Kourin lets Lady Bomb through only to get killed off from Blazer Idols having pumped Flores' power.

Of course though is me screaming WHY.

Oh Kourin, you actually had this match in the bag. Should you have survived that turn you could've beat Ren's face in for having basically no defense, but instead you lose and you lose in an incredibly stupid manner.

To those of you who haven't caught on yet, just toss this idea around in your head. Ren doesn't actually pull any triggers, and Kourin doubles into this by guarding Flores for a 1 trigger pass. What if Kourin guarded Lady Bomb with Aqua and Cocoa? Dun dun dun duuuuuuuuuuun, Kourin survives! Not only this, but is staring at a ridiculously easy comeback strike next turn.

Just look at this, Ren calls 'final turn'. Lady Bomb attacks and is blocked by Cocoa and Aqua. His Vanguard Flores attacks for 16K and gets blocked by Nike for a 1 trigger pass. First check, second check, nothing. Finally, Ren's 20K Flores swings in and deals Kourin's 5th damage, where his turn should end and Kourin should come back and beat his face in on her turn afterwards.

And so concludes my second misplay catching article. Seriously Kourin, it's not even like with Kyou, I mean I could understand boosting anyway, how could I have known that I was going to need that boost ahead of time, but this was in front of you and ridiculously easy to have committed to without the need of a damage trigger. Sometimes I wonder who choreographs these fights...

PSY Qualia induces misplays. It's canon gais.

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