Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thunkofcardgames is Shutting Down for the Month

I forgot to post this yesterday, weird.

Anywho, as the title says. I'll be gone for a month straight because of family and November related stuffs, and probably won't be back until early to mid-December. You can probably still easily contact me through Pojo or Vmundi (or Wiki and other sites if you've recognized me...) if you want a one on one discussion, or want me to go over something for you. Otherwise, I'm avoiding writing major articles, as it takes far too much time for what I need to do. Until then, see you guys in December.

Off note, when I do come back, I may also bring another writer with me onto Thunkofcardgames. For now, I've thought of having him take over for CFV while I go exploring other games, but it really depends on what happens until December to establish anything. Mind dropping a comment here or onto the request box for what you want out of us?

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  1. In terms of CFV, more Deck Breakdowns! Those are always fun to read! And also more card reviews. The card pool is so expansive now that I'm sure there'll be plenty of materials to write about.

    Ad for you TehNACHO, if you like to try the Deck Building Games such as Legendary: Marvel, DC and Resident Evil. They may be fun to play, and no need to buy booster packs for it because it has everything you need. Or if you are a fan of RPG's, there's an indie card game I discovered called Destined Legends which is a card game that emulates an RPG style playing. Here's their site if you're interested.