Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thunkofcardgames Forums

May be a thing.

Alright, so I'm back from my fairly long 'break', and I wanted to revive this idea.

And follow through.

While the forums are still under construction, mostly because I'm doing this on a whim (as usual), I invite everyone to at least make an account there while I go settle a few things. Once you're there, please sign in and such, and please direct your attention to the request box. In short, list out anything in particular you want to see out of these forums, however small or menial. While I'm still trying to figure forumotion out and may not be able to get to everything, I'd really like to build my own community here.

Alongside this, the writer I was looking to add dropped out, which makes me kinda sad, but hey. For now, I'd like everybody to stop sending article requests since, well, that schedule grows much faster than I get the time to write anything in particular, so that's one thing. Along with this, I really need to update older articles.

With that, here's a link to the forums, and the forum request box:

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