Friday, April 26, 2013

21K Attackers and 13K Defense

More b.a.s.s. values~

As we know from the original b.a.s.s. value article, the vanilla b.a.s.s. value is 1875/49K shield, and 228/49 cards. Also mentioned are the 13K attackers, who when properly set up have a b.a.s.s. value of 2120/49K shield and 272/49 cards. But they aren't the main focus of this article. Instead of the 13K attackers, I'm looking at the 13K defenders, the Cross-Rides, and how they function under the effects of b.a.s.s. values.

Cross-Rides vs Vanilla b.a.s.s.

Remember that the Vanilla b.a.s.s. values are actually based off 16K columns, so in fact, they don't force out at least 10K shield each attack, but each attack are weakened by 5K. So instead of the proper b.a.s.s. value of 1875/49K shield, and 228/49 cards, they are weakened all the way down to 1140/49K shield, and 152/49 cards. Basically put, just by having a Cross-Ride up, you can save 15K shield per turn in the form of 1.6(76/49) cards. 

Now that was an extreme example, but the point still stands. Unless you tailor your deck specifically to hit 18K power lines, a Cross-Ride will generate a buttload of advantage over the course of the match if it sets up properly from abusing these b.a.s.s. values, and opening up many Early Guarding opportunities to create an even bigger buffer in card advantage through the course of the match. Seeing as one can ride a Grade 3 they run 4 of by turn 3 about 60% of the time, that's a tad much for basically no effort but an extra Grade 3 from your hand. Heck, just 1 turn defending in this case would already completely refund your investment into this skill.

But onto the point and why I mentioned 21K columns. 21K Rear-Guard columns force out 15K from the opponent, something that is near impossible to do with most conventional decks against Cross-Rides. This sort of buffer also leaves almost nothing but 10K to guard attacks to be thrown at Cross-Rides from Rear-Guards without trigger boosts, leaving them nothing but good opportunities and making you miss out on a possible +5K shield, +0.9(44/49) cards.

I don't plan on expanding more on this topic, yet, but please consider this. Just by Re-Riding into a new Grade 3 unit, Cross-Rides can end up saving upwards 15K shield in the form of 2.4(120/49) cards, and just in one turn alone. Just 1 turn of sitting on that defense can result in immediate gain for the Cross-Ride unit far higher than almost any other Vanguard in the game can generate at that pace. What do you think of 13K defense then?

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