Friday, July 5, 2013

The Thunkofcardgames Forum

Well, I've kinda had this on my mind for a while now, but...

Would anyone be interested if I were to create a forum for the thunkofcardgames blog? I am a lone voice on the blog here, and while it's nice to know that people people are interested in my work, it seems as though almost no one is really trying to push me to say more. Sure, there are requests for new articles all the time, but the lack of others wanting to voice their own thoughts is weird. And as far as the constant rise in the viewcount is concerned, it's certainly doesn't seem to be from a lack of interest.

So how about it. Let's make a forum, where people can voice their thoughts and offer their own advice, brew up discussion and help teach others the things they've learned, where anyone and everyone (who actually know what they're talking about, of course) can build their own and help others build their understanding of the game to help everyone improve. A place where it isn't some one-sided info dump like reading my articles.

I'm going to leave this little article alone for a while, maybe for a week or two. For that time,  if you're interested, voice your thoughts here. It can be a community for people to teach and learn new things, maybe kickstarted by my own articles and then carried on by someone new. If this is something that interests you, share the idea with your friends and have them voice their opinions. Let's make a community for everyone to share, where we can all be students and teachers, so that we can all improve ourselves and this game.


  1. I'd be game for it.

  2. I'm all for it, I've learned so much just reading this blog, so that would definitely be helpful.

  3. Why don't you go join Alice in her V Mundi forum as the moderator?

    1. Because TehNACHO is not Alice.
      Different people, different blog.

      Though, I think most people who visit this site are also regulars at v-mundi.

    2. Thanks for the idea. I offered and he accepted. But what the Booster said is correct, TehNACHO is not me and his blog is not mine.