Sunday, October 13, 2013

Updates and Stuff

Hey guys, I know I haven't posted in 2 weeks, again, but hey, I've been catching up these last few days with 3 brand new articles. If you can't be bothered to just scroll down, here's Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Wow that's a lot of Tachikaze...

Along with this, the Raptor Series Deck Breakdown has been updated to fit the whole '11K metagame until otherwise noted' thing I have posted up on the deck breakdowns tab, along with the Perfect Guard Article following the example set by my game design article, in that I should base my logic off of actual solid reasoning and mathematics rather than outside examples that, quite frankly, are far more subject to debate.

So, yeah. 5 articles in 2 weeks, I swear I haven't been slacking, just not posting.

And Bladewing Reiji is still the most popular post of the week...what? I haven't even updated that since...wait what?

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