Thursday, December 12, 2013


Those of you who still frequent older articles may notice them disappearing and being replaced by:

at which case, I'm updating them. As of the time of writing this update, the Snogal Paladin decklist has been updated to a more cohesive form, and the Wolf and Hare deck is currently being updated. With this in mind, I really need some people to help locate some of the really old articles that really need to be updated. I'll be updating all of them, essentially, but it may be best if I can prioritize which ones I should get to first.

On top of this, I'm resetting the Request Box. Point being that the next one in line, Master Beetle, is over 6 months overdue. I'll be keeping all of these old requests in a document somewhere else and I will get to them eventually, but if I tried marching along those, I'm never going to get to any new requests for...6 months. Exaggeration aside, now is the time to put in new requests or repeat and older one if you really want me to get to it some time soon.

Unfortunately, this newfound focus on the articles is going to take away from my time to actually work on the forums, however I still would like to know if there's anything that I currently don't have on the agenda that can be added to the forums.

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