Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Break Ride+Vanguards

So I got a request from Pojo.

Gross Card Advantage/Net Card Advantage

It should be noted that I am treating the Ride itself as only -.5, for reasons I've explained before.

Gancelot+Platina Ezel

[267/49]/[485/98, 3 Counter Blasts]

Gancelot+Gancelot Zenith
(Assuming twelve +11K beaters in deck while fighting 11K Vanguard)

[7.873643074250977]/[6.373643074250977, 1 Counter Blast, Cross Ride]

Gancelot+Spectral Duke Dragon

[9.9491966999565784]/[6.4491966999565784, 2 Counter Blast]

Infinite Zero+CBD

[152/49(+2)(+2)]/[255/98(+2)(+2), (1 Soul), (1 Soul)]

Infinite Zero+CBD (Triangle Lock)

[228/49(+2)(+2)(+2)]/[309/98(+2)(+2)(+2), 1 Counter Blast, (1 Soul), (1 Soul), (1 Soul)]

So in case you don't want to 'translate' these numbers, Infinite Zero+CBD completely overshoots Platina Ezel in most every regard. Meanwhile, if you triangle lock, and are able to use CBD's Limit Break at least twice against Zenith or Spectral Duke, you're beating them out. Point being, Infinite Zero+CBD generate a crapload of card advantage.

Here's a more fleshed out breakdown of these numbers. But yeah, Infinite Zero+CBD, crazy overbearing.

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