Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Lion and the Hare, Gold Paladin:Deck Run Through

Because I know you all love these ^.^

Grade 0
Crimson Lion Cub, Kyrph
X2 Spring Breeze Messenger
X4 Elixir Sommelier
X4 Flame of Victory
X2 Greeting Drummer
X4 Silent Punisher
X2 Speeder Hound

Grade 1
X4 Halo Shield, Mark
X4 Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth
X2 Listener of Truth, Dindraine
X3 Sleygal Dagger

Grade 2
X4 Knight of Superior Skills, Beaumains
X3 Lop Ear Shooter
X3 Player of the Holy Bow, Viviane

Grade 3
X3 Gigantech Destroyer
Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel
X4 White Hare in the Moon's Shadow, Pellinore

Grade 0

I never noticed that crystal on his chest, huh.
Kyrph plays the role of our starter. Yay.

Something some people may notice with this build is the 2 Spring Breeze Messengers. As 10K shields otherwise and can easily change out for better cards, or at least apply much pressure as soon as you call them, they actually allow the deck to flow better than it should.

Somewhat the same trigger count, so nothing to say here.

Grade 1

He doesn't actually look like a lion...
Standard 4 Perfect Guards. Can't go wrong with 'em, right?

We've got 4 Vanillas to supply our beaters, play as an optimal turn 1 ride, and are used in Superior Riding. Much bigger role than that of the previous deck.

Only 2 Dindraine. Between 2 Spring Breeze and the possibility of Ezel spamming off into oblivion, it works at this amount.

X3 Sleygal Dagger. 7K to 9K booster. Who knew, right?

Grade 2

The only member of the Superior Ride
 with a Lion in his armor
4 Vanillas this time, as they are more necessary for the deck to flow. Part of Ezel's superior ride and the only grade 2 to complement Spring Breeze's 5K power without compromising any power, much more than 2 is necessary for this deck.

X3 Lop Ear to keep this a Rabbit Brigade deck, usefulness still universal, as always.

X3 Viviane. Pressure, free cards. May accidentally trigger one of the Rabbit Brigade. Easy choice.

Grade 3
That shadow in his hair...

X3 Destroyers for what I hope are obvious reasons.

Ezel here is today's secondary boss. Playing a big bad role if he does come out, he's a formidable Vanguard all on his own.

X4 Pellinore, increase his chances of appearing, pure derp as to why 4.

How the deck works

Alrighty, this should be simple enough.

As with Garmore-Pellinore, you use a combination of Spring Breeze Messengers, Lop Ear Shooters, and Vivianes to dig through your deck to build a more optimal field set-up while attempting to Superior Ride Pellinore.

Just one little gimmick. You now have a safety net. Ezel and his Superior Ride act as a back-up grade 3 ride so that it's just that much safer to mulligan all your Pellinores if you feel daring enough.

I'm going to say it right now, this deck is way more consistent than it should. Between Ezel playing beatstick and Pellinore swooping in to reap the opportunities this deck full of beaters leaves, this deck's Superior Riding capabilities are dangerous.

The play style is just a tad unorthodoxed. There's your standard 'Ride up, use Spring Breeze and Viviane to hopefully dig up Pellinore and beat face' play, tied into many others. The most prominent one is that we've got Ezel and his Superior Ride to allow you to make more risk per mulligan, as with him, you can get away with just a bit of crazy without usually screwing yourself. He also acts as a beefy standalone card, so if for whatever reason the deck isn't cooperating, he can still be there to back your forces up. You are also using Ezel's higher power level in order for Spring Breeze to apply pressure without falling behind because of his 5K boost. 20K Vanguards that incline the opponent to guard are quite effective.

This deck's offensive is very, very good. You've got enough strong enough beaters to supplement your Spring Breeze, gaining access to much pressure from attacking. There's also 3 Gigantech Destroyers for breaking 20K near consistently between your columns, forcing out so much out of the opponent upon late game. Even if Pellinore doesn't swoop in to save the day, Ezel will beat down for you. The deck's offensive performance is just awesome.

Deck 2 of the Rabbit show-off, and easily the most power-based deck of all 3.


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    1. You only need 1 Ezel, even in standard Gold Paladins, unless you're an Ezel enthusiast...

      But yes, works perfectly well with only 1 Ezel